Bonuses Any.Cash


Instant bonuses

The more you exchange, the better rate you will get


Cumulative bonus

Your bonus depends on total number of exchanges in Any.Cash The more exchanges - the better the rate


Transparent conditions

We apply bonuses instantly - at the moment of exchange

Instant Bonuses:

Instant bonuses:
Rate improvement

Accumulative bonuses:

Amount of exchanges:
Rate improvement

We value our customers, therefore, we have developed a bonus system for you, which is rightfully one of the best today, the program has two types of bonuses:

  • Instant - apply if your exchange amount is more than the value indicated in the table above.
  • Cumulative - we calculate your turnover and make the course better for you on an ongoing basis.

How does it work?

Everything is very simple, every time you make an exchange, the system calculates your bonus - the percentage by which the exchange rate will be improved.

What determines the percentage improvement rate?

You can get the best rate when making exchanges of large amounts - the larger the amount of a one-time exchange, the better the rate.

In addition, we take into account all your exchanges and offer you accumulative bonuses - the more exchanges you make with us, the better your exchange rate becomes.

The system selects the largest bonus from the specified ones.