How to buy / exchange BTC inside the wallet with a different currency.

In order to buy / exchange BTC, you must have a replenished (deposited) balance in at least one other currency represented in Any.Cash. (USD, UAH, ETH, USDT, LTC, BCHABC).

If the balance (currency) with which you wish to make an exchange for the BTC is replenished, then for the exchange:

- go to the "Exchange" menu;
- select the option to "buy" (convenient for the further task of obtaining the desired amount + currency as a result of the exchange) or "sell" (convenient for the further task of the size of the currency withdrawal from the current balance);
- select the exchange direction, in this case the available balance -> BTC;
- after which, enter the amount to buy / sell;

The bot will provide all the information about the application for the exchange, after which it remains only to confirm the exchange.
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