How to check transaction status on a blockchain?

There are many open registries (explorers) that allow to find the requested information quickly and easily.
For example, the most popular:
Etherscan for Etherium, Tether USDT; for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash;
Blockcypher, for example, is suitable for viewing Litecoin and Bitcoin transactions, too;
OMNI explorer for Tether USDT Omni;
A more extensive list can be found here.

The principle of their usage is very simple. Though at the first time, it is pretty difficult to get used to the flow of information. Often, such "explorers" have their own specifics of visualization, and can significantly differ from each other. A bit more of attentiveness - and everything will be simple and clear.

Any cryptocurrency movement (purchase, sale, exchange), actually a transaction itself, has its own unique identifier, which is called transaction hash. Lets consider the search of BTC movement on as an example. We go to the site and select the currency we need in the drop-down list.

And then enter the hash or address in the search field:

Then, hit "Enter" and that is how the result will be looking like:

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