How to protect your Any.Cash account?

System security is the responsibility of the service. AnyCash has taken all possible measures to safeguard your funds. But, the safety of devices, keys, passwords, etc., - is the responsibility of the user.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you follow the simple rules below, in the name of the safety of your funds:

Rule number 1:
Never disclose your passwords, keys to anyone and do not provide any unnecessary information to third parties. Passwords - never give to anyone, even to support representatives.

Rule number 2:
Carefully check where and to whom you are sending funds. Fraudsters never get tired of coming up with new and new ways of cheating. Therefore, please be careful!

Rule number 3:
Install 2-factor authentication (2-Factor Authentication, or 2-FA) to log in to your account from the web version of AnyCash. Using which, the bot will also request an additional code to confirm the movement of your funds.

3 methods of the second level of protection in AnyCash are proposed:

- Telegram
- Email
- Google Authentication

IMPORTANT! If you replace the device (for example, switching to the new model), we strongly recommend not to forget disable Google 2-FA first and reinstall it already on your new device.
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