How to withdraw BTC to external wallet?

Need to transfer the BTC to an external wallet or send it to someone who is not an Any.Cash user?

Easy! Through the Any.Cash wallet, you can transfer funds to another crypto address in just a couple of clicks. All that is required for this:

- the necessary amount on the balance;
- BTC recipient's address;

  1. First, go to the wallet and select the "Withdraw" action:
2. Next, select the currency that you want to receive - the BTC:

3. Withdrawal currency (the option of transferring in the desired currency from any replenished @AnyCashBot balance is available);

4. After, it is necessary to enter the transfer amount (in the currency from which balance the withdrawal is selected) and indicate the BTC address of the recipient;

5. The bot will provide the withdrawal request number along with all related information.

When withdrawing crypto assets from Any.Cash, the transaction will be completed after receiving the 1st confirmation. About how to check the status of the BTC transaction on the blockchain please proceed to this article.
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