What is Any.Cash code and how to create it?

Any.Cash code - it is an instrument for transferring assets (funds) between @AnyCashBot user accounts. The code also allows you to transfer or save any asset (from the balances available in the bot) outside of Any.Cash.
The code, itself, is encrypted data into which you can "sew" any amount. Each code is unique. The generated code looks like this:


ACUSD - systems identifier of the system and currency (AC - Any.Cash, USD - currency);

570965 - order number in the system;

You can send it using any text messenger, but cashing out, at the moment, only possible inside of Any.Cash system.

How to create code in @AnyCashBot?

To create the code, proceed to the "Wallet" and press "Send to Any.Cash user":

Then, select currency that you want to "sew" and type needed amount. The bot will offer generate the code or send the funds to Any.Cash user directly, using Telegram nickname or ID of Any.Cash wallet.

Also, the receipt for your code is available, just as for any other funds movemonet by using Any.Cash

In order to redeem (activate) the code in the bot, go to the "Wallet" and "Deposit". Then - pick "Redeem code", as shown on the screenshot below:

Then, press "Redeem code":

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