Easy and simple start

Sign up, get an affiliate link or promo code to attract users.

Progressive commission plan

The more exchanges your partners make, the higher the percentage of partner deductions.

Instant deposits

As soon as the person you invited makes an exchange, you receive money in your account.

$ 1
$ 500
$ 1 000
$ 150 000
$ 0
$ 50 000
$ 250 000
$ 1 000 000
Revenue from 1-level referrals:
10 %
15 %
20 %
25 %
Revenue from 2-level referrals:
1 %
2 %
3 %
5 %

We pay for each transactions that was made by your referrals. You will get money to your own account.

The affiliate program is two-tier. You will receive profit from operations of users attracted by you (referrals of the 1st level), as well as from operations of users attracted by your referrals (referrals of the 2nd level). The category of a partner is determined by the total equivalent balance of his account at the time of the transaction or the amount of his referral points (the equivalent amount of replenishment operations performed by his referrals for the entire time of participation in the affiliate program). The system selects the most profitable category for the partner. The amount of deductions depends on the category of partner and represents a percentage of the profit of the system from operations performed by your referrals.

 The table below shows the sizes of remuneration as a percentage of the amount of exchange accrued for each operation that your referrals make.

How can you acquire users?

There are many options for attracting referrals:

  • placing affiliate links (promotional materials with affiliate links) on their own web-resources;
  • recording video instructions that will talk about the possibilities and subtleties of using Any.Cash
  • publication of reviews and recommendations on thematic forums, resources devoted to electronic money;
  • and so on, there are a lot of options, most importantly do not forget to use your personal link

Partner requirements?

Any user can attract visitors in compliance with certain rules.


  • Using mass mailing to promote your affiliate link;
  • placement of affiliate links in the systems of cheating visits, auto-surfing, pay per click, etc.

In the event of such cases, the administration of the service reserves the right to delete the profile of the user-violator, and to cancel the funds accumulated by him, notifying him of this by e-mail.