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Earn with Any.Cash!
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You will receive a bonus to the account as soon as the user You've invited makes an exchange
Instant accruals
The affiliate program is two-level. You will profit from the operations of users referred by yourself (1st level referrals), as well as from the operations of users invited by your referrals (referrals of the 2nd level).
Profit from referrals
1st level

You will receive a percentage of Any.Cash profits to your internal balance
Profit from referrals
2st level
Your income
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Step 2.
Generate a referral link in your account
Create an Any.Cash Wallet
Step 1.
Share the referral link with your friends!
Step 3.
What does it take to become an Any.Cash partner?
share with friends and acquaintances;
place the link (might be with advertising materials too) on your own web-resources;
commune about Any.Cash on thematic forums and resources dedicated to electronic money.
Where to share your referral link?

use mass mailing messages in order to promote your affiliate links;
placement of affiliate links in the systems of winding up visits, auto-surfing, pay per click and similar services;

It is forbidden:
In case of such violations' detection, the administration of the service reserves the right to delete the profile of such a user and cancel the accumulated referral accruals.
Requirements for partners:
Every Any.Cash wallet owner can invite new users, but adhering to the certain rules.

Sign up now and become Any.Cash partner
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