How to check the BTC transaction on the blockchain?

Any crypto transaction can be quickly and easily tracked, thanks to open access resources - explorers. You can identify a transaction (transfer) by:

- sender address (source wallet address);

- the recipient address (for example, the BTC address looks like this - 1H2q2ALEYnvSqYwfgFUSRnJGR7huAv4B2X);

- transaction id - a unique identifier that already contains all the necessary data (transaction id (a.k.a - hash), time and amount);

A lot of explorers are available on the Internet to track crypto transfers. Consider an example of searching for a BTC transaction using the example of one of the most popular resources - To do this, follow the link and enter the information that we have in th

Next, we are interested in the 1st blockchain

After selecting the BTC blockchain, the service will provide a list of transactions that are associated with the specified address in the search bar. It is very easy to get confused in the list of transactions, so you should pay attention to the time of transaction registration, as well as the amount of transfer.

IMPORTANT: BTC transfers from an external wallet to Any.Cash balance are completed when a transaction receives 3 confirmations on the blockchain. For withdrawal - only one confirmation is needed. What is confirmation can be found in this article.
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